Expectations for the Space

Understanding the client (owner) expectations for space is a major part of a successful project. Items that need to be identified early include:

What is the main function of the room?

  • Lectures / Instruction
  • Live performances
  • Sporting events
  • Film or video
  • Worship

What type of chair is desired?

  • Chairs with polymer components for durability? Historic look? Contemporary look? Custom?
  • Does it fit with the design concept of the building and seating space?

What accessories are needed to meet the patron needs?

  • Tablet arms, cupholders, rockers, power/data?
  • Clear passage constraints frequently make it impossible to add some accessories at a later date, so it's important to identify them early

What kind of layout does customer desire?

  • Curved rows
  • Risers
  • Sloped floor
  • Access to aisles
  • Code considerations, capacity v. patron comfort discussion