Aisle Lighting

Irwin Seating Company provides a number of aisle light accessories that are intended to illuminate the edge of an aisle and provide a pool of light on the adjacent floor or step. Often aisle lights are turned off during a performance so as not to distract performers and can not be used as emergency lighting. Aisle lights are NOT designed to provide code compliance across the entire width of an aisle, they should be considered a part of a comprehensive lighting plan. Irwin Seating Company has light output files posted on our web site to assist with these plans (under Downloads on each individual lights page). Communication and coordination between the architect, general contractor, electrical contractor and Irwin Seating Company is key to proper installation of aisle light accessories.

In recent years, the use of 120-volt incandescent lights has been replaced with low voltage LED lights which are brighter, last longer and are safer than lighting used in the past.