J-Box Placement

Location of aisle light junction boxes that supply power to aisle lights is important to good auditorium design. As part of the seating layout and field check process for each project, Irwin Seating Company produces a drawing which locates the aisle light junction boxes in conjunction with the seating to be installed. Junction boxes must be located to prevent them from obstructing traffic flow and creating a trip hazard. The photo below shows the poor placement of a junction box. This is often the result of poor dimensional information being supplied when the layout is being drawn.

The proper position for a floor box or stub-up serving an aisle light is between the aisle standard and the first center standard directly below the seat. Ideally, it is placed 8” inboard from the aisle line - then centered, front-to-rear on the standard’s mounting foot. The drawings below illustrate two of the most common aisle light conditions.

Please Note: connection of 120 v aisle lights and our E-Link power system are different from what is shown above, please contact us if you have questions for accessories other than LED aisle lights.

Junction boxes and connectors can vary by local code or contractor preference (see photos below). The pre-wired standards with LED lights from Irwin Seating are always supplied with 3/8" flexible conduit and contractor supplied components must accommodate that.