Nevamar meets or exceeds performance standards published in the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s (NEMA) Standards Publication No. LD-3-2000.

Horizontal Surfaces: Thickness: H-4 (HGL) Grade = 0.039” (± .005); (1.0 mm ± .12)

Vertical Surfaces: Thickness: 0.028” (± .004); 0.7 mm (± .10)

Laminate surfaced products have lacquered edges to match the dominant color in the laminate. For a sample please contact your representative or the factory. Lecture room tables and modesty panels are not lacquered and finished as required with a variety of materials.

The colors shown here may vary slightly from actual product. If an exact color match is required request samples from your Irwin Seating Company representative. We recommend color-critical selections be evaluated using sample chairs in the same environment and lighting conditions that the product will be installed in.

Nevamar Jett Black (S6053T)

Nevamar Jett Black ST


Nevamar Charcoal Matrix (MR6002T)

Nevamar Charcoal Matrix MRT


Nevamar Wrought Iron (S6054T)

Nevamar Wrought Iron ST


Nevamar Maritime Gray (S6027T)

Nevamar Maritime Gray ST


Nevamar Foundry (S2084T)

Nevamar Foundry ST


Nevamar Fossil Gray (S6031)

Nevamar Fossil Gray S


Nevamar Greige Matrix (MR2002T)

Nevamar Greige Matrix MRT


Nevamar Vision Vava (VA2002T)

Nevamar Vision Vava VAT


Nevamar Winter Gray Matrix (MR6005T)

Nevamar Winter Gray Matrix MRT


Formica Waxed Maple (08905-58)

Formica Waxed Maple


Nevamar Sunbeam (WW9000WE)

Nevamar Sunbeam WWWE


Formica Natural Teak (8849-58)

Formica Natural Teak


Formica Macchiato Walnut (6932-26)

Formica Macchiato Walnut


Formica Formal Walnut (5782-NG)

Formica Formal Walnut NG


Formica Cocoa Maple (7739-58)

Formica Cocoa Maple


Formica Graphite Elm (5796-NG)

Formica Graphite Elm NG


Formica Cherry Walnut (6995-26)

Formica Cherry Walnut


Nevamar Clear Maple (W8340T)

Nevamar Clear Maple WT


Nevamar Recon Oak (WZ0005MG)

Nevamar Recon Oak WZMG