Serving Students & Staff

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Spaces for extracurricular activities like performing arts and athletics provide important areas for the community to connect with one another and to the school, this connection helps create vital, long-term support for a K-12 school district, college, or university.

K-12 Schools

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Environments that Advance Your Mission

Learning environments are evolving, what will never change is the need for extracurricular areas that set your school apart.

Colleges & Universities


Setting Your Campus Apart

Colleges and universities need to offer top facilities to attract the best minds. Irwin Seating can help with comfortable, high-performing solutions that are easy to maintain and engineered to last.

Auditorium Seating

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Fixed and Telescopic Seating Options

Fixed audience seating and telescopic solutions provide a flexible space for an auditorium space.

Gymnasium Seating


Telescopic Bleachers and Stadium Chairs

Let's face it, athletic facilities take a beating. Our fixed seating and telescoping stands are designed, manufactured, and installed to hold up season after season.

Lecture Hall Seating


Large Group Instruction

Rooms that support student success in large group instruction and testing utilize comfortable seating and good sight lines to the front of the room.