Auditorium Design Basics

For those needing continuing education credits for state licensing or AIA membership, Irwin Seating offers an AIA-CES approved course that meets the Health, Safety, and Welfare requirements. To arrange a face-to-face session with one of our trainers please contact us.

This area of our site is here to help share knowledge we have gained from over a century providing fixed seating for a wide variety of venues. These are design considerations that one should be familiar with when working on a fixed seating project. Knowledge of these issues will help to create a space that is comfortable and safe for patrons and provides value to the owner.

Each seating installation is unique and based on the specific requirements of the space. Chairs do not come assembled, and they are shipped and installed by component (standards, backs, seats, ect.). The typical installation crew can install 150 - 200 of chairs per day, and the seating should be one of the last items installed so it is not damaged by trades working overhead or painting.