Telescopic Seating

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As facilities look to utilize the space they have in different ways, the use of retractable chair seating continues to grow in popularity. Our innovative VersaTract telescopic seating system helps support this trend with scalable understructure components. What does this mean? It means you choose the type of seating appropriate for your facility, whether it's Infinity Seat Modules, Prestige Seating, or something in between, and we provide components for an incredibly stable walking surface and consistent, reliable operation.

In addition, VersaTract exceeds structural requirements for partial loading as defined by ICC 300 – 2017, Section 303.5 and ASCE-7-16, Section 4.4.

We're so confident in the design, materials, and construction of VersaTract, we back it by the industry's best warranty — 10 YEARS!

Versatile Seating Options

We offer a number of thoughtful seating options for our VersaTract retractable seating systems. Prestige seating provides the same level of comfort as our fixed seating models. Integra is an attractive, comfortable and durable chair is a space-saving design. Looking for a basic bleacher seat? While we do not consider the attractive, ergonomic, structurally-sound Infinity Seat Module "basic" it does fit the bill as a bleacher seat. Check out the options below to see what's right for your venue.

Deck Construction Options

VersaDeck construction is an upgrade to our standard deck design. VersaDeck provides an extruded aluminum frame that works with our quick-clamp rails and accessories for improved efficiencies and ROI. Both deck construction options are available with aluminum, panelam, or carpeted decks, our standard deck is also available with clear coated plywood decking. Explore your options and then contact us to discuss.

VersaTract Understructure

Understructure components (posts, rollers, motors) for VersaTract are "scaled" up based on seating type and engineering evaluation of the potential load on the system. The result is an incredibly stable walking surface that provides operators with consistent, reliable operation.

VersaTract allows for systems with:

  • 3 - 30 rows
  • 4" to 24" rises
  • 22" - 42" row spacing
  • Infinity Seat Modules, Integra Chairs or Prestige Seating
  • Smart Rails
  • IDS Power
  • Multiple Deck Options
  • For wall / floor attached, forward fold, portable or recessed systems

Learn more about what makes the VersaTract understructure a great choice for your project....