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Chair restoration has many benefits, it can help revive the original beauty and nostalgic appeal an auditorium or theatre may have. In addition, restoration is a great way to practice environmental stewardship. Making a determination on whether to restore existing chairs or replace them comes down to code, capacity, and comfort. Often the comfort level of historic theatres does not meet the expectations of today's patrons. We find many facilities are willing to lose a few chairs if it means creating a more comfortable, inclusive space. The opposite can also be true, occasionally a theatre needs to maintain its current capacity and the grand-fathered codes the facility was designed and built with.

With more than a century of experience in public seating, Irwin Seating Company's knowledge far exceeds that of other providers. In addition to fixing cosmetic issues like worn fabric or scuffed wood, we have the manufacturing capabilities and resources to often replace seat-lift mechanisms, deteriorated foam, or a chair back too damaged to restore.

Not every chair is a good candidate for restoration, often, existing components like decorative cast aisle standards can be altered to work with new backs and seats which allow a facility to honor the past while providing comfort and security for the future. Contact us for help in determining the viability of your current seating for restoration.