Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

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Hi, we’d like to (re)introduce ourselves!

Ours is a true entrepreneurial success story. Four generations’ worth, in fact.

It all started 116 years ago. Steel was the greatest innovation of the time, and five investors jumped at the opportunity to work with this new and robust material. In fact, three of them happened to be brothers—Earle, Eber, and Robert Irwin. They called this new enterprise Steel Furniture Company. Later, while still navigating the Great Depression, the Irwin brothers bought out the other investors, and the name was changed to Irwin Seating Company.

Handed down from father to son…to son…to sons, Irwin Seating Company is still deeply rooted in its midwestern home, with a shared commitment to community and treating others the way we’d like to be treated. Simple stuff, really. We’ve worked alongside trusted partners for more than a century to create spaces where people come together—all with passion and know-how grown over decades of experience.

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There’s so much history here. And a lot of great stories…trust us.

But it’s time to talk about the future.

Arenas. Performing arts centers. Educational institutions. Stadiums. Worship centers. Incredible opportunities abound, but they demand fresh thinking.

As we move ahead in an ever-changing world, we continue to embrace a culture of lifelong learning and act as knowledge leaders who really do their homework. Our journey has always been a human-centered one—but now we find ourselves imagining and celebrating an innovative new future while continuing to solve the real problems of today.

Our goal? To be the go-to resource for any customer seeking to create memorable and inspiring experiences—wherever people gather. In their drive to explore original ideas and bring them to life, we want our customers to always turn to us with confidence.

It’s a future full of possibilities. One that includes wide-ranging seating solutions but isn’t limited by the Irwin Seating Company name of our past.

So today, we’d like to re-introduce ourselves as…Irwin.

Irwin Logo

Simple, bold, and confident, this new name and branding reflects our company’s future-facing growth with a contemporary aesthetic, while still conveying time-tested quality and service that is second to none.

Our new name also represents a transformation—an expansion in leadership, in engineering, in what we’re able to offer. It’s a dexterity that can be found throughout our entire manufacturing and design process. We are evolving for our customers, the fans, the contractors, the designers, the installers…and you.

And as we continue to grow our range of products, we’re reimagining many current offerings too. From arenas and stadiums hosting more “fan-friendly” experiences to educational institutions reinventing themselves, we’re dedicated to making smart, cutting-edge solutions for the next generation of users while still serving the needs of traditional attendees.

Columbus Crew Soccer Match 41

We want the new Irwin name to speak to possibilities far beyond seating. We want it to speak to creating supportive, immersive solutions that celebrate ALL the spaces where people gather.

At Irwin, everything we do here is built on the belief that we’re better together. And with four generations of expertise to back that up, it only makes sense that Irwin should be your next project’s first—and last—stop.

Irwin. Period.