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Schools are moving away from the traditional model of students lined up in rows to a more flexible and collaborative model that encourages the sharing of ideas. But, while learning environments are evolving, what will never change is the need for extracurricular areas that set your school apart.

Auditoriums, gyms, and stadiums remain an integral part of the school experience. With tightening budgets, limited footprints, and the need to accommodate multiple activities, planning these spaces can be a challenge.

This is why so many K-12 schools are turning to Irwin. Our teams will work closely with you to create flexible solutions that are comfortable, easy to maintain, and engineered to last. This includes:

  • Fixed and modular seating solutions
  • Easy-to-deploy telescopic seating
  • Custom solutions that bring out your school spirit
  • A diverse range of materials, shapes, and colors
  • Durable options that are easy to clean, move, and store

As challenging as the shutdowns have been, schools are taking advantage of the situation with a much-needed renovation or new building project.

Ready to give your students and staff a better seating experience? Reach out to our team today and let’s discuss your next project.

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Five Common Mistakes in Auditorium Design

Ballet performance

There’s a lot that goes into the design of an auditorium from structural components to aesthetic choices, and it’s easy to accidentally overlook some items in the design. Patron experience is the top priority when it comes to the return value of your auditorium. We’ve compiled the top mistakes we see when it comes to auditorium design that contribute to patron experience and how you can avoid them.

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Gym Configurations to Maximize Space & the Fan Experience


Once you know how your gymnasium space will be utilized and know your desired seating capacity, you should begin thinking about configuration. The configuration of your seating is key to the flexibility of your gymnasium and the safety and comfort of your guests.

Case Studies

Recent Installations

Edgewood High School Of The Sacred Heart

Madison, Wisconsin

A new performance space for Edgewood High School included honoring the past by reusing the school's cast end standards.

Edgewood HS 4102
Florence Middle School

Florence, Alabama

An energetic facility with auditorium seating and telescopic bleachers from Irwin Seating.

Florence Ms 2597
Munson Stadium

Denison, Texas

Friday nights in Texas are important to communities across the entire state and Denison ISD's Munson Stadium is the perfect example of how to create a space that works for students and parents.