Introducing Gathr

Love at First Sit

Portable Seating by Irwin

If you simply see a folding chair, look again.

Gathr is something different—a thoughtfully designed seating solution that’s as innovative as it is joyfully uncomplicated. Here, form and function work together to offer up contoured, human-centered comfort at every turn with smooth lines and fewer crevices for easy cleanability. But don’t let its streamlined construction fool you, Gathr delivers incredible, beyond-tough performance that’s sure to please every staff member. And every guest. Every time.

Not just another pretty face!

Gathr looks different than other chairs, it feels different, and it works differently.
Gathr was thoughtfully designed for heavy-use facilities and our extensive testing proves this isn't just another folding chair, it's an Irwin chair.

Easy Chair

Gathr 3527

Easy one-handed carry, easy side-to-side ganging, easy release, easy folding, easy storage—they all add up to the fastest set-up and tear-down times in the industry. And serious comfort too.

Built to handle even your toughest crowds in rugged, indestructible style, Gathr is the surprisingly lightweight seating superhero that lives up to its name…wherever people come together.

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Productivity Gains

Quick-Connect chair ganging makes set up and storage quicker and easier.

No Muss - No Fuss

Elimination of messy chalk dust with our wet erase marker solution.

Gathr Models

Gathr Elite 4643 Grey
Gathr Essential 4449 grey
Gathr Now 4523 grey

Gathr Models


Your VIP pass to seating that's truly next level.
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Because a great chair is essential for a great experience.
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Welcome to our basic model that's anything but.
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