Fire Safety Codes

Fire safety codes vary by location and are administered by state or local fire marshals. Irwin Seating Company has experience in many different municipalities. Some items to keep in mind include:

  • Code compliance communication is the responsibility of the owner/architect
  • Most municipalities have adopted guidelines outlined in the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 260, California Technical Bulletin 117, and/or California Technical Bulletin 133
  • Typically (but not always), buildings with sprinkler systems are regulated under NFPA 260 or CAL 117 and those without fall under the rules outlined in CAL 133 – Irwin Seating Company strongly suggests you consult your local fire marshal at the beginning of the project to ensure compliance
  • All fabrics and foam used by Irwin Seating Company pass NFPA 260 and CAL 117 “as is”
  • For CAL 133, a burn test may need to be conducted at an independent laboratory - Irwin Seating maintains a CAL 133 test log and can check to see if a specific model using a specific fabric has been tested. If not a test will need to be conducted
  • Some combinations may not pass. In those cases, an alternative fabric will need to be used
  • In many cases CAL 133 compliance requires special barriers/treatment be applied to the fabric at an additional cost
  • Certificates of compliance are available from Irwin Seating Company, should the fire marshal require a copy