Fixed Seating

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The benefits of fixed seating include comfort, safety, no need for additional storage room, and no labor to set up - it's there when needed. Irwin Seating has been manufacturing fixed audience seating in the U.S. for 115 years. We pioneered the use of steel and structural polymers for the most durable products available. We have supplied seating for iconic venues like Carnegie Hall and U.S. Bank Stadium but we've also put them in spots you wouldn't think of, like oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, court rooms and military bases. Check out the many options below to get started and then contact us for guidance.

Model Numbering


Our model numbering scheme identifies the major components of a chair; back, seat, aisle panel and chair platform. The model name is based on the back's name. The diagram above will help you decipher our model numbering and naming convention.

Fixed Seating Chair Platforms

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Irwin Seating manufactures the largest range of chair components to provide choice and give a design team room to be creative.

That choice starts with the chair platform, the base upon which the chair is built on. We offer traditional fixed seating in both steel and cast iron center standards as well as seating "modules" mounted to a horizontal beam. We manufacture chair platforms that rock or recline, some with intermediate arms that flip up for added space and others for outdoor venues. Explore the options below to find the platform that's right for your project.

Upholstered Chair Components

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We've designed our products in a modular fashion to provide choice and give you the option to customize your seating on your terms. We manufacture over 40 back components, eight seats and dozens of aisle end standards / panels. Do the math with the various components, accessories and material selections we offer as standard product and there are millions of possible configurations.