Solara Stadium Seating

WBC Park 1283

Solara is a rail mounted chair that ships assembled and is ready for quick installation. The patented extruded aluminum rail system allows for variable, site-specific chair spacing. The unique design and full compliment of available options allow chair spacing to be set to maximize capacity or arranged to enhance patron comfort, this flexibility allows us to find a balance between both needs. Additionally, a facility could set chair spacing for maximum comfort and reconfigure the seating to increase capacity for a big event or game.

Despite its relatively light weight, Solara is no lightweight when it comes to strength! Back and seat components are formed from injection molded high-impact polymers. The chair frame, clamp mechanisms, and integrated armrests are made from glass-filled polyamide to withstand the rigors of high use facilities like arenas and stadiums. Corrosion-resistant polymer and aluminum components make Solara an excellent choice for harsh environments like outdoor stadiums.

Looking to upgrade your existing seating or working on a new project?

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Allianz Field 3300

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