Historic Theatres

Enhancing The Patron Experience

Balancing Authenticity With Flexibility

Paramount IL 3253

Like their modern counterparts, historic theaters are seeking flexibility to make it possible for applications, such as workshops, classes, and events capable of bringing in new revenue streams.

The goal with today’s renovations is to make better use of available space while maintaining the integrity of the original design. If you’re looking to update an historic space, Irwin has contributed to 33 of Broadway’s 35 theaters. We have a passion for historic spaces.

Look to our experienced teams to help create an authentic experience, complete with:

  • Customizable: replacement seats use fabrics, finishes, materials, and stains to complement your space
  • Seating that offers flat or raised sightlines based on the space
  • Durable options that are easy to clean, move, and store
  • Guidance on proper cleaning solutions and maintenance procedures

Do you have an upcoming project in mind? Modern or historic, Irwin has been designing theater solutions for more than a century.

Reach out to our team today and let’s discuss your next project.

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Challenges & Solutions For Restoring Historical Theaters

Kings Theatre 4350

Irwin is one of the few companies that owners of older theaters can rely on to provide expert work in-house to bring their historic theaters back to life. We understand the challenges older facilities have in a restoration project and can share valuable insights we've learned over the years.

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Ensuring a Great Visual Experience

Wang Theatre 3354

Good sight lines are a must. Guest seating also needs to be safe and easy to get in and out without disturbing the performance. Keeping these basic guest considerations in mind before starting can lead to a better designed theater for a more enjoyable viewer experience.

Case Studies

Featured Projects

Boch Center, Wang Theatre

Boston, Massachusetts

The No. 168 Crest cast aisle standard was developed for this project and incorporates many elements found in the original design like the claw feet and low-profile scrolled armrests but also modern aspects like LED lighting and a logo treatment.

Wang Theatre 3414
The Orpheum

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The 2,600 seat Orpheum opened in 1921 with the Marx Brothers headlining the bill! Originally name the Hennepin Theatre, it was built for Vaudeville and then converted to a movie house in the late 30's. In 1988 the theatre began it's conversion back to a live theatre and is part of today's vibrant theatre scene in Minneapolis.

Orpheum Mn 9469
Uptown Theatre

Nappa, California

This stunningly restored art deco masterpiece from 1937 showcases the finest acts in music and comedy. A historic landmark, the Uptown offers a phenomenal, intimate live show experience with world class sound and site lines.

Saenger Theatre

New Orleans, Louisiana

In 2005, the Saenger was destroyed by hurricane Katrina. After millions of dollars and years of restoration work, the theatre reopened with it's magnificent 15th century Italian courtyard and gardens, with arched surroundings, columns, decorative moldings and blue domed ceiling.