Enhancing The Moviegoing Experience

Keeping Them Coming Back For More

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While consumers have a growing list of entertainment options to choose from, there’s nothing quite like going to the movies. An afternoon, or dinner and a movie, beats streaming alone on the sofa. That said, exhibitors can hardly afford to rest on their laurels. This explains the evolution we’re seeing in cinema.

Theaters are evolving from stand-alone buildings with a single screen to sprawling facilities complete with restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, and more. Many are finding creative ways to keep guests engaged. No longer limited to the usual food, beverage, and entertainment offerings, cinemas are coming up with membership subscription programs and themed retrospective screenings to stay ahead of the curve.

Through all of the growth and change in the exhibition market, Irwin Seating has been there, steadily finding ways to advance the movie-going experience. Whether you’re a large circuit or an independent, community-based theater, we understand the challenges.

This includes the operational side, such as cleaning between shows and keeping chairs in service. At the same time, seating needs to be thoroughly tested, great looking (and fully aligned with your design vision) not to mention extremely comfortable and supportive. If seating can do all that and offer the added amenities customers are looking for, the entire movie-going experience stands to gain.

Do you have an upcoming project in mind? Reach out to our team today. We’d love to help.

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Exhibiting Vision

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Now more than ever, exhibitors need to keep an entrepreneurial eye on what people are looking for next. Theater seating is rarely a one-size-fits-all value proposition. Exhibitors have a range of needs. The right seating partner can meet you where you are, developing solutions around your market and your goals. For your guests this means focusing on the look, a growing list of amenities, along with comfort and support that goes from the opening previews to the final credits.

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Cinema & The Age Of Streaming

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Over the years, release gaps—the time between a movie’s theatrical debut and release on streaming services, DVD, or BluRay—have been steadily closing, with the average release gap hovering around 90 days over the past few years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic saw the first wave of a new release style: combined theatrical and streaming release.

Case Studies

Recent Projects

ShowBiz Cinemas

Kingwood, TX

ShowBiz Cinemas is a family oriented exhibitor that strives to provide their customers with many entertainment options.

Showbiz 5034
Cinemark Central Plano

Plano, TX

Cinemark re-seated this location in late 2019 with Spectrum Recliners on inclined floors.

Cinemark 5348
Celebration Cinema at Studio Park

Grand Rapids, MI

Celebration Cinema at Studio Park is part of a part of a mixed-use development that includes retail, apartments, a music space and a nine-screen theater. To meet the varied needs of Celebration's customer base each auditorium includes a mix of recliners and rockers.

Studio Park 3674

Accessories & Options

Enhancements that exceed the living room

Food & Beverage Tables

Food and beverage service is quickly becoming an expected amenity for cinemas and our table options help meet guest expectations

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Row & Seat Identification

Guests selecting their seats at the time of purchase is now the norm for today's movie theaters, we have a variety of options to assist with that!

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Popcorn Deflector

Keep the motorized mechanism clear of debris with our unique design and optional popcorn deflector.

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Technical Data

Dimension Drawings

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Cut Sheets

Cut Sheet

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Chair Models

Some of our most popular models

ZG4 Solstice

Solstice features a back with two-pillow back construction and attractive decorative stitching. This back style is available with the complete spectrum of options and accessories.

Zg4 Solstice 7512
ZG4 Eclipse

Eclipse sports plush three-pillow back construction and like Solstice can be configured in multiple ways to create that aesthetic to help keep them coming back again and again.

Zg4 Eclipse 7670
Spectrum Lounger

Our premium rocker with the same ride and look as Spectrum Recliner for facilities looking to increase capacity.

Lounger 6040 Signature

Signature rocking chair with a plush stationary seat and flip-up cupholder armrests.

84 84 2 84 5965
Model Signature

The standard for high-density needs. Signature Rockers are smooth, comfortable and reliable.