Meeting Your Shifting Needs


What experience are you looking to create? At Irwin, we work to understand what makes your venue distinct in the eyes of your customers.

Whether your venue is single- or multi-purpose, hosting events is a complex undertaking. A lot is happening under a single roof; transitioning spaces to different types of events can pose challenges, even for the most experienced venues.

Of course, guests have no idea the work that goes into shifting your venue from one form of entertainment to the next. What they care about is getting a comfortable seat with a great view.

On the staff side of the equation, it’s important to have systems that make transitions from a concert to a basketball game to a rodeo—safe and efficient. After all, your venue is in constant flux.

At Irwin, we are known for collaborating closely with design and building teams to develop seating that’s as comfortable as it is tailored to your needs. From the initial design sketches to installation, teamwork is the key to delivering the ultimate venue experience, on time and on budget.

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Maximize Your Layout

An arena can anchor your community and provide a year-round revenue stream from sports, concerts, and special events. It's meant to be busy, so it should be a nimble facility, with the ability to easily adjust its footprint to accommodate a variety of events.

An arena can anchor your community and provide a year-round revenue stream from…

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Multipurpose Telescopic Seating

A better term for the latest breed of arena is, “multipurpose venue.” As the name implies, these spaces have more to offer under one roof than ever before. See how telescopic seating can make more possible in your arena.

A better term for the latest breed of arena is, “multipurpose venue.” As the name…

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Case Studies

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Product Options

Versa Deck QC Rail Fed Ex 1895 a77dce307cb9c2e67b2882fb67042382


VersaDeck is a game-changer for telescopic systems! This pro-level design feature creates an incredibly stable walking surface while providing quick-clamp attachment of accessories for improved ROI.

800w smartrail LFO HS 6727 a77dce307cb9c2e67b2882fb67042382

Smart Rails

Smart Rails don’t require storage! No tools are needed, no hardware to locate and tighten and no lugging heavy rails around - just a simple lift and turn and the rails lock into place.

Rear CH claw 4612 a77dce307cb9c2e67b2882fb67042382

Rear Mount Cupholder

This cupholder is compatible with Citation, Millennium, and Marquee fixed seating.

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Needing to add some flexibility to your building?

Drop us a note and we'll respond with an assist to help figure out what will work for your fans and staff.