Parts & Services

Facility Upkeep

A Source of Pride

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We understand that keeping your facility looking good and in safe working order is a source of pride. This is why we engineer our product components to withstand the rigors of extended daily use and use materials that resist stains and facilitates cleaning and disinfecting. Our parts teams can provide:

  • High-quality, genuine OEM replacement parts
  • Irwin-approved cleaning products as well as touch-up stain and paint
  • Telescopic power upgrade kits and Smart Rails for aisle safety
  • Telescopic end curtains with or without screen printed logo
  • Cup holders and aisle lights
  • Number and letter tags, donor plates, and custom products to enhance your customer's experience

Our Parts Team

Dedicated Customer Service

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Irwin Seating Company is committed to providing comprehensive product support over the life of your seating. Our experienced and responsive professionals will ensure a great customer experience.

We Provide:

  • Trained parts specialists
  • Technical service experts
  • Over 100 years of industry experience

Full Service Inspections

Annual Telescopic System Inspections

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Annual inspections by a certified technician are a code requirement. Regularly inspected systems are more reliable, more durable, safer for guests and operators and comply with all code, warranty and insurance requirements.

Let our team provide an assist to ensure your equipment is ready when needed.

Education & Training

Live Change-Over Support

1920x1080 Videos

Converting an arena floor from basketball on one night to hockey on the next and then to a dirt event three days later is a challenge, we get it!

Get hands-on training and tips straight from the manufacturer. Let us help you keep your staff trained on best practices that keep patrons and employees safe while protecting the investment made in your telescopic seating systems.

Layout Services

Seating Layouts & Shop Drawings


Every building and room we provide seating for is unique, fixed and telescopic seating are customized to fit the space and function. To ensure a proper installation we provide detailed seating layout / shop drawings. Final approved drawings are used by our installation crews as their road map to help ensure a successful installation.

Installation Services

Factory-trained & Certified Installation

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We install our fixed and telescopic seating systems using factory-trained and certified installers. Our project managers and installation crews communicate closely with the construction team to ensure deadlines are met and opening night goes off without a hitch.

Irwin Care

Cleaning & Touch Up Products

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Sometimes, accidents happen and a little "extra" is needed to keep things looking good. To assist with your efforts we offer a line of product care solutions to help you maintain your investment. Products include:

  • Aluminum Deck Cleaner
  • Panelam Deck Cleaner
  • Vinyl Cleaner
  • Gum Remover
  • Stains and paints for touch up