Movable Base

Chairs can be installed on movable bases which are secured to the floor with reverse anchors. A socket wrench allows the seating to be removed to make space for a wheelchair, orchestra, or AV equipment.

Movable bases are provided in one, two, or three-chair sections and are available with most floor-mounted, fixed seating models, including rockers. They are not available for use with recliners. Floor plates for movable bases are fabricated of heavy-duty, 7 gauge (0.1875”) thick steel. Plates are held in position with a 1” square tubular steel stretcher. Fabricated bases are field-adjusted for accurate fit.

Chair standards are permanently attached to the bases. The bases are attached to the floor using a reverse anchor system. When a wheelchair space is needed the bases are unbolted from the floor and chairs are moved. Moving chairs requires two people capable of lifting 25-30 pounds.

Available for the following models