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The Orpheum is reminiscent of the seating found in the grand vaudeville houses of the 1920's and 30's.

Shown here with:

  • No. 82 Orpheum back with veneer surfaced back panel attached with concealed fasteners
  • No. 6 steel seat pan with serpentine spring cushion assembly
  • No. 153 Pantages period-style cast aluminum end
  • No. 8 steel chair platform
  • Scrolled hardwood armrests
  • Seat number and row letter plates
  • Shown with No. 104 veiled brown powder coat, No. 17 India teak on maple wood stain, Momentum / Russo / Mocha fabric


Under Seat Book Box

Worship Caddy I

Worship Caddy II

LP1 and LP2 Bronze Plates

LP5 & LP6 Aluminum Plates

Donor Plates

Concealed LED Aisle Light

Transfer Arm

Swing Away Aisle Panel

Movable Base

Rear Cupholder