No. 17 Wood Bottom Seat



  • No. 17 Seat is provided with a contoured, variable-thickness poly cushion
  • Foundation is constructed from 5/8”, 5-ply hardwood
  • Bottom decorator panel is formed from 11/16”, 11-ply hardwood veneers
  • Passes the 600 lb. static load test and surpasses the ASTM-851-87 Test Method for Self Rising Seat Mechanisms
  • No exposed hardware on the bottom surface of the seat
  • The 5/8” diameter seat pivot rod is covered to prevent tampering and to give a clean appearance
  • Seat lift is accomplished through the use of a cast-iron counterweight


  • Available for use on the No. 17 chair platform only
  • Limited availability with period cast aluminum aisle standards


  • Available in eight standard wood stain colors
  • Available with LP-10 seat number plates
  • Available with 1/8” thick edge banding to conceal hardwood plies


LP10 & LP11 Brass Plates

LP12 & LP112 Stainless Steel Plates

Available for the following platforms