The Prestige Series telescopic system pairs our most popular auditorium chairs with the industries very first Semi-Automated chair fold down system to create an attractive and comfortable seating experience with faster changeovers. Prestige is now provided with our VesaTract understructure for consistent reliability and a rock-solid walking surface! Prestige forward-fold chairs are available with VersaDeck system for easier set-ups and tear-downs.

Key Advantages:

  • Multiple chairs options to choose from
  • Citation, Millennium and Marquee chairs have an adjustable back pitch to maximize spectator comfort and optimize sightlines
  • Chair standards are deck mounted allowing for layout flexibility, faster installation and a cleaner look
  • Armrest are available in polymer, cupholder and wood arm cap
  • Seat number and row letter identification
  • Reduced chair envelope allowing for more chairs between aisles
  • Consistent appearance with fixed seating (chair size & geometry)
  • Faster changeovers increase ROI for end users
  • Semi-Automated chair operation uses a spring assist when raising the chairs to the use position, and a release lever to automatically fold the chairs to the stored position
  • Up to 4 chairs can be operated at one time
  • Gas springs control the "fall" when the chairs are lowered
  • Dust/debris covers shroud and protect the fold down mechanisms while making cleanup easier after an event
  • Greatly reduces chair setup and takedown time
  • Prestige Forward Fold chairs can be used on telescopic systems or on stackable risers

Dimensional Requirements:

  • Available with 14" row rise for Citation, Millennium, Patriot, Centurion
  • Available with 15" row rise for Marquee
  • Contact Factory for row rise requirements greater than 21"
  • Demountable Decks are available from 4" – 16" row rise
  • Available with a minimum of 33" row spacing, 34" - 36" recommended
  • Chair sizes available from 19" – 22" (varies by chair model)