Permanent Wheelchair Space

Permanent wheelchair seating is a popular choice for many facilities due to its simplicity of design and functionality. Permanent seating locations can be provided in single or double spaces, and available at each section joint where no aisle is present. Permanent seating spaces are easily identified and require no additional operations.

Key Advantages:

  • Available with Infinity seat modules or Integra chair seating
  • The adjacent first-row seat provides a “built-in” companion seat
  • Optional Wheelchair and Companion Seating signage
  • Front rails are not required by most building codes (with 10” and 12” row rise), available as an accessory item
  • Available with row rises from 10” to 16”, and 22” to 33” row spacing
  • Power operation is located on row one allowing for a full-power operating telescopic system

Operational Notes:

  • Permanent spaces are not available with Prestige chair seating
  • Permanent spaces available at section joints only

Available for the following models