ADA / Video Platforms

Camera & ADA Platforms are vital to providing proper spectator access and functionality in today’s venues. These platforms are located at the rear of the telescopic unit or on concrete risers providing easy access from the concourse level.

Key Advantages:

  • Features the VersaDeck deck system
  • Adaptable to most any row rise and tread depth condition
  • Available with 3/4” Panelam decking or extruded aluminum planks
  • Adjustable legs for a smooth transition
  • Quick-Clamp rail feature
  • Available with vinyl curtain or Panelam closures
  • Modular design for quicker set-up and take down
  • Locking mechanism secures each deck together for a solid feel
  • Heavy 2” x 2” 14 ga. steel legs with snap on bracing
  • Designed for deck heights between 4 1/2” and 78”

Available for the following models