Smart Rails - Aisle Rails

Smart Rails do not require storage, tools, hardware to locate and tighten and no lugging of heavy rails around - just a simple lift and turn to lock into place.

Key Features:

  • Ensures spectator safety as the rail is never removed
  • Continuous loop design minimizes potential patron hazard
  • Improves ROI by eliminating excessive operational times
  • Two-second operation to rotate and store/deploy
  • Aisle rail is designed with a generous depth making ascending or descending the aisle safer and more comfortable
  • Aisle rails are constructed from 1-½” round tubing for a natural and comfortable grip
  • For use on center and end aisles
  • In-line design, no staggering of rails
  • Available for use with all seating options
  • Code compliant design for dimensional standards and structural loading
  • Available in Smart Rail or Smart Rail EX (extended), provided and installed based on row spacing needs

Smart rails can be used for most projects, however, limitations do exist and removable aisle rails are required for some situations.

Dimensional information:

Smart Rail for use with:

  • 22” - 26” spacing
  • 10” - 16” row rise
  • Minimum aisle width is 36” – Including end aisles

Smart Rail EX for use with:

  • 31” - 36” spacing
  • 7-1/2” - 16” row rise
  • Minimum aisle width is 48” – Including end aisles
Smart Rail EX (time lapse)
Smart Rail attached to standard deck
Smart Rails in stored position, nested tightly to the bleacher
Smart Rail EX attached to VersaDeck


Available for the following models