Rear Cupholder

Rear mount cupholders are available for use on most fixed seating models. Rear cupholder for Citation, Millennium and Marquee chairs is an Irwin designed accessory that is secured to the back with two tamper resistant screws. American Stadium chairs, Integra and Solara chairs also use proprietary rear mount cupholders. Prestige telescopic seating can be supplied with cupholder armrests in lieu of rear mount cupholders.

Some restrictions on use, style availability and color exist. Please discuss the many options available with your Irwin Seating representative.

Rear mount cupholder for Citation, Millennium and Marquee fixed seating
Model 507 American Stadium chairs with rear mount cupholders
Rear mount cupholder for Solara chairs
Rear mount cupholder on Paradise chairs in the historic Kings Theatre
Custom rear mount cupholder at Clowes Memorial Hall

Available for the following models