The unique aesthetic style of the Integra chair provides flexibility to be used in performance venues while its function and durability make it an ideal choice for arenas and gymnasiums.

Key Advantages:

  • Sleek design featuring modern shapes and style lines
  • Comfortable design with proper contours and seat/back pitch
  • Generous 17 ¼” wide seating space
  • Armrest options include armless, polymer or cupholder
  • Available with the Scribe writing tablet
  • Stylish seat number and row letter tags
  • Quiet and dependable seat lift mechanism
  • Available non-upholstered or with upholstered pads
  • Beam-mounted design allowing for flexible chair spacing
  • Dust/debris covers are an available option with most chair operations
  • Available in 15 standard colors
  • Successfully load tested to over 600 pounds and 100,000 Self-Rising seat cycles

Chair Fold-Down Options:

  • Manual Operation with Foot Release (up to four chairs)
  • Semi-Automatic with Foot Release (up to 12 chairs)
  • Semi-Automatic with Automatic Release (up to 12 chairs)

Dimensional Requirements:

  • Requires a minimum of 10” row rise and 30” row spacing
  • Minimum chair size is 18” without arms, 19” with arms
  • Cupholder arm requires a minimum 20” chair size and 32” row spacing
Integra on VersaTract with Upholstered Seat Pad
Integra on VersaTract for VIP area with Infinity Seat Modules behind
Integra chairs on VersaTract with Scribe Writing Tablets
VersaTract system with Integra Chairs in stored position



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Scribe Writing Tablets for Integra Chairs

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