Standard Deck Construction

Uf Oconnell 2008

VersaTract’s standard deck construction provides an economic approach to retractable seating, while providing a wide variety of design options and a rock-solid walking surface.

Standard deck Cathedral HS 0270

Key Advantages:

  • The heavy 14-gauge roll-formed steel nose and rear riser beams provide the structural strength to exceed all national building code requirements
  • The nose and rear riser beams are available in a galvanized or black powder-coated options
  • The Standard deck option is supplied using the VersaTract understructure with 2” x 3” or 2” x 4” post columns and heavy-duty deck supports

Dimensional Options:

  • Available with 4” – 24” row rises
  • For use with 30” – 42” row spacing
Deck Options

Choose from Panelam, Clear Coat Plywood, Carpet or Aluminum, all supplied in 3/4” thick panels

Rail Options

Standard deck construction is provided with Smart Rails for aisle egress. Front, side, rear and square tube railings are available in a self-storing version, or removable with slide-out pockets