Decking - Aluminum

Aluminum decking is a premium upgrade for sporting venues with a high level of activity and provides a solid walking surface for the patron. Aluminum decking is also easily cleaned to maintain that fresh, like-new appearance!

Key Advantages:

  • The extruded aluminum planks are available in multiple widths and can be supplied with any
  • row spacing.
  • Aluminum decking has a non-slip, ribbed design for patron safety.
  • The interlocking plank design provides a solid walking surface.
  • Available with the Irwin VersaDeck system and aluminum nose, or with the Standard deck and
  • Roll-formed steel nose.
  • Constructed with a heavy-duty 3/4” profile and 1/8” wall thickness for maximum rigidity.
  • Aluminum decking typically supplied with a clear anodized finish. Contact your representative
  • for other finish options.
  • Aluminum deck planks run parallel to the nose beam for easy sweeping and clean-up after an
  • event.