Decking - Carpet

When a venue is looking for a sophisticated look and warm yet soft feel, carpeted decking is a perfect selection! With today’s wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, your options and ability to match chair color and fabrics are endless. Roll carpeting is used exclusively with Standard deck construction.

Key Features:

  • Carpeting decking is appropriately finished with trim along the front and side of the deck
  • Multiple colors and patterns to choose from
  • Carpet is constructed from a low level, looped olefin fiber carpet with low maintenance polypropylene backing
  • Proper installation techniques allow for safe chair installation over the top of the carpeting
  • Carpeted decking provides natural sound dampening
  • 26 oz. commercial grade material ensures durability and longevity
  • Installed over carpet grade solid plywood substrate
  • Carpeted decking is not available with the Infinity seat module
  • Contact your Irwin Seating Company representative for additional information