No. 12 Seat



  • No. 12 Seat is available in a serpentine spring support component or with an ergonomic substrate and formed poly cushion
  • Foundation is injection molded, glass-filled polypropylene which is especially strong but not brittle
  • No. 12 Seat passes the 600 lb. static load test and surpasses 300,000 cycles without failure in the ASTM-851-87 Test Method for Self-Rising Seat Mechanisms
  • Seat has surpassed 1 million cycles in independent testing
  • Cover utilizes drawstring construction for an unwrinkled appearance and ease of replacement
  • Unique cam-driven seat hinge mechanism for consistent, maintenance-free operation
  • Seat pivot is covered to prevent tampering


  • Available on all chair platforms except No. 17, No. 30 Patriot, and No. 84 rocker
  • Available for use on Prestige telescopic platforms


  • Available in 15 standard plastic colors
  • Available in full fold, 3/4 fold (standard) or 1/2 fold options
  • Available with decorative wood veneer, plastic laminate, or upholstered bottom inserts
  • The serpentine spring version is available with a Loge-style cushion
  • Available with embossed pan for seat number plates
  • Available with an optional quiet-rise mechanism
  • Ergo substrate seat is suitable for use outdoors on the No. 45 and No. 12 chair platforms with vinyl cover and outdoor treatment package