No. 14 Tapered



  • Panel is shaped with a vertical front edge and a tapered back edge
  • Constructed from premier 45 lb. medium density fiberboard, 5/8" thick
  • Panel dimensions vary by chair platform


  • Available for use on the Nos. 4, 8, 12 & 17 fixed seating chair platforms
  • Available with writing tablets on the No. 4 chair platform (no block front, cupholder arms)
  • Available with a variety of armrests


  • Laminate or veneer surfaced
  • 1-1/2" Block front (veneer surfaced only)
  • Cantilevered mounting foot on the 4, 8 & 17 platforms
  • Riser mounting


Integral Aisle End Logos

Screen Printed Logo Plates

LP1 and LP2 Bronze Plates

LP5 & LP6 Aluminum Plates

LP10 & LP11 Brass Plates

LP12 & LP112 Stainless Steel Plates

Focal LED Aisle Light

Beacon LED Aisle Light

Concealed LED Aisle Light

Swing Away Aisle Panel

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