By Anne Chapman

February 26, 2021

Seating innovations mean that the options available to venue owners are always getting better. Beam mount seating is one of these innovations that allows for more flexibility in a venue, lower costs overall, and saves time in venue updates and changeovers, making it the future of venue seating. How does beam mount seating accomplish all this? Read on to learn more.

What is Beam Mount Seating?

Where Are Beam Mount Seats Used?

Beam mount seats can benefit a variety of facilities. While their earliest use was in performing art venues where there was often a need to avoid obstructions on the floor, now you’ll find these versatile seats in sporting venues, both indoor and outdoor. This allows for a large amount of seats to be added to a facility.

They are also often used in spaces like lecture halls where they provide a cost-effective option for mounting chair styles, like our No. 70 Tablet Arm Chair.

Beam Mount Seating Makes Updating Easier

Beam mount seating allows a venue operator a great deal of flexibility. If the venue owner wishes to change a section in the future (going from molded seats to upholstered), beam mount seating means not having to strip everything down to the structure of the facility.

Since replacing seating is easier with beam mount models, venues can update their seating more often, if they choose. The scope of the project is significantly reduced when you are not dealing with individually mounted chairs on the floor. This means that the process is less expensive and time intensive so venues can upgrade, if they wish, to more deluxe models with features like enhanced cushions without cost being as big a consideration. Simply take out the old seating, recycle, and put something new in its place.

Beam mounted seating also means less waste when updating. Seating wears over time, and has to eventually be replaced, but with beam mounting, you are able to remove just what needs to be replaced, meaning less is taken out.

Change the Seating in a Venue for Special Events

Beam mount seating makes switching modular seats to change a venue's set up a far faster process. That faster installation means labor costs are significantly lower. The number of chairs per hour that can be installed or moved is far higher than with traditionally mounted seating.

In addition to fast installation times, beam mounted seats can be adjusted for fewer or additional seats in the case of a special event. For example, as host of Super Bowl LIV in 2020, U.S. Bank Stadium wanted to accommodate as many guests as possible. Ahead of the game, Irwin helped increase the seating capacity of the stadium by installing 2,000 more chairs into their beam mounted seating areas. After the big day, the extra chairs were removed to allow for more guest comfort during their regular season games.

While adding and removing beam mounted chairs isn't practical for regular venue changeovers, the increased capacity at U.S. Bank Stadium for the Big Game simply would not have been possible without beam mounted chairs. If your venue may be in the running for a large event like this in the future, beam mounted chairs can be a good option to offer expanded seating capacity without compromising guest comfort during regular events.

If your venue will need to change seating arrangements more regularly, we recommend looking into our VersaTract telescopic systems. U.S. Bank Stadium also features a custom telescopic seating section for additional seating flexibility.

At Irwin, we are always finding new ways to provide the best, most cost-effective options for our customers. Get in touch today to learn more about beam mount seating and how it can fit the needs of your venue.