Lunt Fontaine 3635

For Irwin, our fourth-generation, family-owned company is all about staying true to the mission of our founders. And ourselves. While we are known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of audience seating for movie theaters, auditoriums, arenas, and more, Irwin is also a name that speaks to possibilities far beyond seating. We’re knowledge leaders dedicated to exploring new opportunities and helping to create better lives for the people around us.

We operate two manufacturing facilities in North America, one in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and one in Altamont, Illinois. Our major seating components are made here in the USA and have been for over a century. We employ over 500 people directly and the leaders at Irwin are constantly thinking through innovative ways to keep jobs rooted here in our community and use local suppliers whenever possible.

For Irwin, every action is framed with respect. Respect for employees who deserve to be treated fairly and paid fairly too. Respect for the environment through powerful sustainability practices across every area of manufacturing. And respect for our customers and partners—delivering only the highest quality, thoughtfully designed products.

With unparalleled industry insights and unexpected manufacturing talent, we’re curious, collaborative, and built to champion the needs of others. Everything we do is built on the belief that we’re better together.

At Irwin, we’ve transformed this company more in recent years than in the previous century. It’s growth that continues to help us create the spaces where life happens with products our customers can believe in and trust for generations to come.