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An introduction to Irwin Seating

Who We Are + How We Serve

Our approach to support your vision

Irwin Cinema

Quick introduction to Spectrum Recliner

Freed Hardeman University

Historic restoration / replication of seating for the Old Main Chapel

Celebration Cinema Studio Park

Time lapse video showing installation of Spectrum Recliners

Telescopic Demos:

Florence Middle School

Deployment & Storage of VersaTract bleachers

Furr High School

Deployment & Storage of VersaTract System with Integra Chairs

Red Bud High School

Deployment & Storage of telescopic bleachers with Integra Chairs

Delmar Field House

Deployment of VersaTract bleachers with Integra Chairs

Closing VersaTract Prestige system

Forward Fold & Nose Mount Chair Storage

Air-Lift Portable Platforms

Moving and deploying an air-lift portable platform section

First Presbyterian Church

Storage of the nose-mount Prestige telescopic seating system

Dual Rise System

Operation of a dual rise platform without chairs

VersaDeck Railing Attachment

University of Wisconsin March Play Circle

Deployment of Prestige telescopic system

Infinity Seat Module Demo

Demonstration of durability for the Infinity Seat Module

Infinity Backrest Storage

Reverse fold bleacher system

Deployment and storage of a forward-fold (reverse) bleacher system.

Fixed Seating Demos:

Spectrum Recliner Mass Open / Close

Remote mass open / close makes cleaning between shows easier

No. 4 Chair Platform Writing Tablet

Short video on the features of this self-storing writing tablet

Quiet Rise mechanism for the No. 12 seat

Demonstration of the No. 12 seat with and without a quiet-rise damper mechanism.

Fixed Seating Care & Maintenance:

Periodic Safety Check

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Armrest replacement on the No. 4 Chair Platform

Replacing internal components of the No. 12 seat

Replacing upholstery cover of the No. 12 seat

Replacing a Citation back cover

Recliner Slip Cover Casing Replacement

Recliner Headrest Cover Replacement

Recliner Arm Pad Replacement

Recliner Chaise (seat & footrest) Cover Replacement

Recliner Back Cover Replacement