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  • No. 84 Rocker Platform


  • Center armrest is designed to flip up and nest between backs to create a “loveseat” style chair
  • Armrests are integral plastic cupholders with an upholstered pad on the underside of the cupholder to provide comfort when in the raised position
  • Standard is fabricated of 14 gauge steel to a 1” x 3” rectangular column
  • Standards are provided with a rocker mechanism that allows the seat and back to move in relation to one another
  • A padded, upholstered cushion is attached above the 7 gauge steel seat bracket at the same height as the seats to extend the seat surface area


  • Available with Signature backs only
  • Available with the No 84 loge seat (fixed, ready-to-use position)
  • Available with the No. 2, No. 22, or No. 83 end panels


  • Available for floor or riser mounting
  • Available in 15 standard powder coat colors


Focal LED Aisle Light

Beacon LED Aisle Light

Transfer Arm