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Today’s entertainment venues need to change seating configurations frequently for a variety of event types. With the push of a button, the Irwin Dual Rise system adjusts row rise heights to optimize guest sightlines.

Key Advantages:

  • A single system capable of multiple predetermined rows rises for hockey, basketball/concert
  • Eliminates the need for event-specific equipment, saving space, and time and increasing ROI through reduced operating costs
  • Permanently attached chairs with clean, simple folding mechanisms
  • Available with all Prestige or Integra chair options
  • Available in multiple deck surfaces
  • Provided with VersaDeck for attachment of rails and curtains
  • Available in stationary, retractable, and portable units to accommodate a facilities design and function
  • Available in 31” to 36” row spacing
  • Minimum first-row height – 18”, Maximum first-row height – 90”
  • Minimum row rise – 4”, maximum rise – 16”
Dual Rise Telescopic Platform
Portable Dual Rise Platforms
Stationary Dual Rise Platforms with Prestige Citation Chairs
Demo Dual Rise system in hockey elevation
Demo Dual Rise system in basketball elevation
Dual Rise system in hockey elevation - prior to seating installation
Dual Rise system in basketball elevation - typically more seating is placed in front of this unit

Dual Rise Platforms Collections


Decking - Carpet

Decking - Aluminum

Decking - Panelam

Round Tube Rails

Aluminum Rails

End Curtains

Square Tube Rails

Custom Railings

ADA / Video Platforms