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Annual Inspections


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A complete system assessment performed regularly is essential to maintaining your seating without any surprises.

From annual inspections to emergency repairs, we’re the best in the industry to service your fixed and telescopic seating. Keep your retractable seating equipment current to the International Code Council Standard (ICC 300) with an annual full service inspection.

  • Factory trained and certified technicians
  • Comprehensive telescopic or fixed seating examination
  • Detailed findings report
  • Repair and service recommendations
  • Evaluation of spare parts inventory for replenishment
  • Annual benchmark for predictive maintenance

Annual Inspections

Ask About Annual Inspections

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Inspecting Your Irwin Seating Telescopic System

Annual inspections ensure your Irwin Seating system works its best, is safe and code compliant.

Your venue reopening isn’t complete without an inspection of your Irwin Seating telescopic system. Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection to ensure everything is working properly and address any problems.

Annual inspections by a certified technician are a code requirement. Regularly inspected systems are more reliable, more durable, safer for guests and operators and comply with all code, warranty and insurance requirements.


When seating system components are loose, worn, damaged, or just not functioning properly, problems can occur. Gain peace of mind with an Inspection Agreement. We partner with you to ensure inspections, maintenance, and repairs are completed timely and accurately to help keep your patrons and employees safe.


The International Code Council Standard (ICC 300) establishes minimum requirements to maintain folding and telescopic seating in good repair and structurally sound with all components or fasteners in proper working condition. The code calls for annual inspection and maintenance of new and existing installations to be provided by the owner.

Required Inspections

  • After new installation and construction
  • Yearly inspection of existing seating
  • Must be performed by a qualified individual certified by the manufacturer
  • Owner responsible to provide inspection certification; as required by local authority

The application of this code is consistent across all major standard authorities.

Code Compliance Areas:

Standard AgencyInspectionsGuardrailsOpenings
International Code CouncilYESYESYES
U.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionYESYESYES
International building CodeYESYESYES
International Property Maintenance CodeYESYESYES
National Fire Protection AssociationYESYESYES