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Intimate Accommodations

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Designing today’s places of worship is a balancing act. While the goal is to create a sense of intimacy, spaces also need to accommodate a range of activities beyond worship itself.

Rather than taking a “big box” approach, church design needs to flex to a variety of needs, from adult ed, Sunday school and adult education to child care, teen ministries, lectures, and community events.

As a leading provider of theater, education, and sports venue seating, Irwin has a range of custom seating options designed to offer comfort and a sense of connection.

What experience would you like to create for your members? Our teams will collaborate closely with yours to develop seating that is tailored to your needs. From stadium seating to family groupings to fabrics and aesthetics that complement your space, we’re here to help bring people together.

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Fire & Safety Code Considerations

Failing to comply with code could result in costly renovations at best or serious injury at worst. Because of this, it is vital to work with experts who are familiar with every relevant fire safety code and in a position to ensure that they are met while giving your guests an excellent event experience.

Failing to comply with code could result in costly renovations at best or serious…

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Case Studies

Big Spaces, Bigger Impact
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Diverse Design

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