No. 162 Mystic



  • Standard is cast aluminum
  • Replica of chair stanchions common in early movie houses of the 1920s and '30s


  • Available for use on the Nos. 4, 8, and 12 fixed seating chair platforms
  • Available with a number of armrest options


  • Decorative, hand-painted highlights


Aisle standards shall be decorative cast aluminum construction and shall be a replica of a period-style aisle standard as detailed in the contract drawings, or as approved by the project authority. The decorative casting shall feature an upper marquee portion of the standard and a mid-level main decorative portion, both enclosed by decorative cast legs, and shall be approx. 10” wide. The upper marquee portion of the standard shall be decorated with beaded free-flowing, ornate rounded shapes with raised succulent leaves at the base and underscored by downward radiating, elongated oval-shaped slots. The main decorative portion of the standard shall feature raised, heavy succulent leaves enclosing a large pendeloque figure. The bordering vertical columns shall extend to floor level with four horizontal beads defining the base of the middle decorative portion of the standard, and raised irregular-shaped face. The cast aluminum standard shall be floor mounted and of the proper thickness and design required to properly support the adjacent chair at the correct height and pitch. The exposed surface of the cast aluminum aisle standard shall be base-coated with an electrostatically applied powder coat, and decorated with enamel by the architect's instructions in the contract drawings (minimum of one decorative color above the powder base coat). Aisle standards shall be provided with cast aluminum lugs for supporting aisle standard armrests.


LP1 and LP2 Bronze Plates

LP5 & LP6 Aluminum Plates

Concealed LED Aisle Light

Transfer Arm

Swing Away Aisle Panel

Available for the following platforms