Mesa Arts Center

Mesa, Arizona

Mesa Arts Ikeda 9934

Mesa Arts Center is Arizona's largest arts center and home to four theaters, five art galleries, and 14 art studios. Mesa Arts Center's mission "is to invite all people to create and discover entertaining, challenging and diverse art and arts experiences within joyous, dynamic and welcoming environments." This architectural showpiece was designed by Bora Architectures and Interiors and opened in 2005.

The break in performances due to covid gave the Center a chance to upgrade the seating in the Tom and Janet Ikeda Theater and the Virgina G Piper Repertory Theater.

The 1,600 seat Ikeda theatre is installed with model Grand Rapids. These chairs are supplied with our new No. 20 Wood Bottom Seat, LED aisle lights and wire cupholders. Seat number plates are recessed in the face of the back. Material selections for this amazing venue include No. 27 Classic Golden on Maple wood finish and C.F. Stinson, HiFi fabric applied to the seating in a custom direction.

The intimate 550 seat Piper Theater is features model Meteor. The Meteor chairs in this house are also supplied with LED aisle lights, wire cupholders and the No. 20 Wood Bottom Seat. The wood components in this contemporary venue are lacquered in a custom green. Backs are upholstered with a custom C.F. Stinson fabric and the seats are sewn with Stinson, Ritz spruce for a sophisticated look.

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