The world-class facilities at UCLA include four rooms at the David Geffen School of Medicine installed with Irwin Seating Company auditorium and lecture room furniture.

Rooms 13-105 & 33-105 were renovated with a custom solution to fit the unusual site conditions. Standards were shortened and anchored to the existing concrete platforms. Each chair is individually installed with a writing tablet and cupholder armrest. Our No. 84 Loge seat was used for a very comfortable & functional space. Room 13-105 is finished in Cadet Grey plastic and powder coat, Nevemar Vermont Maple laminate and Absecon Mills Shire Steel Blue Fabric. 33-105 was provided with black plastic and powder coat, Nevamar Clear Maple laminate and Absecon Mills Shire Commadore fabric.

Room BH173 is a small auditorium installed with model Allegro chairs that feature a custom laser engraved aisle panel, 151 square inch writing tablets and our E-Link power & data system. Finishes used in this room include a custom wood stain to match other finishes in the room and Mohair Supreme fabric.

Moss Auditorium seats 100 students with 20 of those spaces at the 900 Series strip tables installed in the front of the room. The 80 No. Citation chairs are supplied with self-storing writing tablets and rear mount cupholders.

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