Irwin Innovators Take on CES 2024

By Marissa Pendrick

March 19, 2024

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We made our mark at CES 2024, immersing ourselves in the forefront of technological innovation. Among the 135,000 attendees from over 150 countries, our team, comprised of Graham Irwin, Steve Finney, Guk Low, Lisa Zabavski, and Dave Kantor, witnessed firsthand the convergence of groundbreaking ideas and tangible advancements.

Throughout the event, spanning nearly 4,300 exhibits, we observed a recurring theme: the progression from present realities to near and future breakthroughs and visionary concepts. This three-part framework, encompassing Now, Near, and Future, mirrored Irwin's approach to innovation.

The ‘now’ represented the current state of technology, showcasing the latest developments and applications. The ‘near’ encompassed ideas on the cusp of realization, poised to impact industries in the near term. The ‘future’ encapsulated ambitious dreams and visionary concepts, setting the stage for future technological landscapes.

From holographic educational sessions to hand-crafted prosthetics, electric vehicles, and robot prototypes, CES 2024 presented a kaleidoscope of technological marvels. As we continue to push boundaries and drive innovation, CES served as a catalyst for inspiration, fueling our commitment to shaping the future of technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Experiencing the tangible impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) unfolding at CES was truly unparalleled. With AI dominating conversations at this year's seminar, our team of market experts found themselves brimming with new ideas, particularly in the realm of education.

AI's potential to revolutionize education by facilitating personalized learning experiences would necessitate a redefinition of learning spaces to cater to the individual needs of each student. AI, with its expansive capabilities, promises to usher in a new era of learning and development across various sectors.

Chief Growth Officer, Guk Low, was drawn in by the transformative shift towards anytime, anywhere learning facilitated by technological advancements. Recognizing this trend, we are committed to redefining seating arrangements across all markets to accommodate this evolving educational landscape.

Even though AI is taking over many entertainment experiences, we are determined to focus on the importance of human connection. Director of Insights, Dave Kantor emphasized the irreplaceable role of communal learning experiences. AI, he noted, would only serve to augment and enrich these interactions.

Looking ahead, AI is poised to revolutionize interactive experiences in gaming, movies, concerts, and more. Imagine personalized audio options or individualized screens displaying game statistics. The evolving landscape promises more immersive and engaging experiences for patrons, with AI playing a pivotal role.

CEO Graham Irwin emphasized the power of bringing people together. Irwin has a legacy of fostering connections and creating lasting memories for over 115 years, and AI will only serve to enhance this tradition. As the world of entertainment continues to evolve, we remain committed to driving positive change for the betterment of all.


At CES, we witnessed many groundbreaking advancements in entertainment technology, ranging from short-throw projectors to mini-TVs, spatial audio, and charging capabilities. This new era of technology is making a significant impact, particularly evident in Las Vegas, where our latest major project, The Sphere, came to fruition.

Steve Finney, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, highlighted the importance of harnessing the power supplied to our chairs effectively. While we are equipping seating with various technological features such as LED lighting, call buttons, and wireless charging, there remains a need to explore how this power can best serve humans. He questioned, “How can we optimize these features to enhance the overall human experience? Who should we collaborate with to develop apps or sensors that seamlessly integrate with the seating experience, augmenting it for the better?” These are questions that drive our pursuit of innovation and partnership in the entertainment technology landscape.

The Power of Partnership

Coke Irwin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, encapsulated our ethos perfectly when he emphasized our commitment to positive collaboration in the industry. Rather than engaging in negative selling or seeking to eliminate competition, we prioritize cooperation. We believe that partnership is a powerful force that enables us to expand our knowledge base and offer a wider array of products to our customers, positioning us strongly for the future of seating.

The growing importance of sustainability to the current generation is a trend recognized by Irwin and our Vice President of Marketing and Insights, Lisa Zabavski. We are dedicated to taking actions that contribute positively to sustainability efforts. Our experience at CES 2024 underscored the industry's focus on sustainability and accessibility. We believe that the future of seating must be inclusive, environmentally friendly, and aligned with the greater good.

At Irwin, we understand that accessibility in seating extends beyond traditional considerations of size and comfort. It encompasses addressing the diverse needs of individuals worldwide, ensuring that everyone has access to a comfortable and convenient experience. From easy-fold chairs to audio enhancements, we are committed to designing solutions that cater to the needs of all eventgoers.

We recognize that achieving our vision for the future of seating requires collaboration with experts from around the world. This year, we are particularly focused on forging partnerships to advance our products and technologies. BlueCube, our partner on The Sphere project in Las Vegas, exemplifies our commitment to collaboration in live entertainment and beyond. Together, we are driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of seating.

The Products

Following CES 2024, our team has returned to the drawing board with renewed vigor, armed with fresh ideas, significant changes, and refined strategies. Among the key takeaways from CES was a reaffirmation of our core approach at Irwin: prioritizing interactive project planning.

Director of Insights, Dave Kantor, articulated our mission succinctly, “We want our customers to say, ‘I architected this space WITH Irwin.’ We are not cookie-cutter, we are CUSTOM. And we are not expensive, we are QUALITY, AFFORDABLE, and CUSTOMER-ORIENTED.”

Here at Irwin, we are focused on "cradle to grave to cradle." We are constantly nurturing new ideas, products, and components, ensuring that we provide comprehensive solutions that evolve with each market's demands.

While we embrace cutting-edge technology, we understand that innovation doesn't always equate to modernity. At Irwin, we seamlessly blend nostalgia with modern-day technology, creating experiences that evoke a sense of togetherness. Whether it's a show, game, concert, or event, we ensure that our designs resonate with both memories and future aspirations.

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to bridging the gap between tradition and innovation in every space we touch. If you're embarking on a new seating endeavor, we invite you to collaborate with us. Visit to get started today. Together, let's create unforgettable spaces that stand the test of time.