VersaTract IDS Power System

Integral Drive System (IDS) applies operating forces directly to the first row of the understructure for reliable, consistent operation.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty design capable of moving any size telescopic system
  • Designed to direct power to the row post for consistent operation
  • Drive units are shrouded for added safety, including the chain assembly
  • Heavy-duty flange bearings with 1” shaft diameter
  • Achieves dependable straight-line, consistent operation
  • Includes 4 drive rollers per section
  • Available on row 1 or row 2, or the last row for Forward Fold units
  • Compatible with all wheelchair options
  • Available for use with steerable units
  • U.L. Listing FHJU.E479554


  • Available in 208 / 480V 3-Phase (preferred) or 120V Single Phase systems
  • All telescopic systems
  • Double motor capability
  • Operating speeds: 19 FPM w/ single phase & 30 FPM w/ 3 phase
IDS motor / Drive System
Heavy Duty Drive Motor
Shrouded drive unit with mar-resistant wheels
Standard Pendant Controller
Steerable Control Unit