Q: What "additional content" is available for downloading?

A: That content contains dimension drawings, specifications, cut sheets, etc. Please note that this content is being developed and posted on an ongoing basis so if you don't find what you're looking for please contact us and we'll try and get you what you need right away.

Q: Why do I have to register to access/download "additional content" on your site?

A: We have worked hard at developing that material, it is proprietary and is intended to help architects, designers, general contractors and our field partners easily access current, up-to-date information on our products.

Q: Is the registration process complicated?

A: No, it's very simple. Once you submit a completed registration form a confirmation email is sent which contains a link back to the site for you to complete your registration and set up a password. The entire process takes a few minutes. Note: a valid email address that you are authorized to use is needed to complete registration.

Q: What does Irwin Seating Company do with the registration information I provide?

A: We may follow up with you to make sure you found the information you were looking for and from time to time we may send announcements about improvements or additions to our products and services but rest assured that we will NOT be filling up your inbox with unsolicited emails and we will never give your information to a third party.

Purchasing Seating

Q: How do we buy your seating?

A: To insure a high level of service we sell our products through various channels depending on the size, type and location of your project, to get the ball started fill out the request form or give us a call and we’ll get you in touch with the right sales representative.

Q: How much are your chairs?

A: Pricing for the typical auditorium style chair can vary greatly depending on the model selected, accessories needed and finishes. Fabric selection can dramatically impact the price of the chair. If you need preliminary budget pricing contact us and one of our representatives will follow up with you quickly.

Q: Do you rent seating or bleachers?

A: No. Our products are manufactured and installed for a specific space.

Q: Can I order parts for my Irwin chairs or bleachers?

A: Yes, parts are available for most components. Occasionally a product may be discontinued in which case we can usually replace it with a new model or help figure out some other low-cost alternative to get your seating in the proper working order.

Layout & Installation

Q: Can you install the seating for us?

A: Yes we can arrange installation with one of our certified installation crews.

Q: Are chairs shipped complete?

A: Fixed seating is shipped as individual components and assembled on site because chairs typically share center standards and armrests. Telescopic systems are also assembled on site.

Q: Can I add cupholders or tablet arms to my current chairs?

A: Maybe. Safety code compliance must be maintained so if the row spacing / clear passage allows for accessories then you’re halfway there. The other part of the issue is if the chairs you have currently installed will allow for an accessory to be added easily, contact us and we’ll have a representative follow up with you to evaluate your needs and determine what will work best for you.

Q: Can you provide a seating layout / shop drawing?

A: Yes. In fact we always draw a seating layout to generate a bill of materials for manufacturing and for the installation crew to use on site.

Q: Can I get a "CAD block", Revit Files or 3D image of your chair?

A: Our seating layout engineers use a series of AutoCAD macros and a generic symbol when laying out a space and we do not have CAD blocks for each model and size available. We can provide you with a dimension drawing showing the critical dimensions of the chair's envelope. Our Design Engineering Department also has the ability to export 3D renderings for many of our models. In addition, many models have Revit and AutoCAD files posted on this web site for download by registered users.


Q: Can we use our own fabric on your chairs?

A: We can use a customer’s own material (COM) provided the fabric passes our testing for durability and workability. If it does not pass testing we may suggest an alternate or require a waiver prior to manufacturing your chairs.

Q: Can you stain the wood on the chairs to match other woodwork in our theatre?

A: Yes, we have the ability to match wood stains, contact a representative for details.

Q: Can you match plastic and paint colors to our team colors?

A: Yes we can provide plastic and powder coat colors in custom colors, contact a representative for details.

Q: Are you LEED Certified?

A: Our products are not eligible for LEED status on their own but many products & processes can help contribute points toward a project's LEED certification.

Q: Are you FSC certified?

A: If you require FSC wood products to be used we can purchase them and our Customer’s Own Material processes insure they will be used for your project. However, we are not FSC certified and would not be able to supply a chain of custody certificate.