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COVID-19 Resources for Venue Managers

Navigating COVID-19 as a Venue Manager

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Balancing worker and guest safety along with changing local restrictions for the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, to say the least. We’ve compiled these resources for venue managers and operators to easily find information on cleaning and maintaining seating as well as reopening safety guidelines from experts at Irwin Seating and within the venue industry community.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Seating

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Blog: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Fixed Seating Products

This comprehensive guide helps you determine what products are safe for use on your fixed seating and how to use them to effectively clean seating for your guests.

Video: Cleaning & Disinfecting Fixed Seating Products

Watch this 2 minute video for a demonstration and guidelines on cleaning fixed seating products.

Webinar: How to Clean & Disinfect Public Seating

Join leaders in seating manufacturing for a discussion (recorded webinar) on how to clean and disinfect seating quickly and thoroughly without causing damage or breaking the bank. Featuring panelists: Jason Vandergroun (Irwin Seating), Joe Kilby (Association for Contract Textiles), Dave Wells (Culp Contract Fabrics), and David Adair (Absecon Mills).

Five Things to Know About Air Circulation

As venues carefully reopen, all are looking for ways to reduce virus transmission inside to keep guests and staff safe. Over the past year, experts have learned a great deal about how COVID-19 is transmitted indoors and the best ways to help reduce the risks.

Communicating Safety protocols to your Customers

We’ve compiled some standard guidelines for you, as a venue manager, to reference as restrictions around the country continue to change.

Resources for Safe Reopening from Irwin Seating

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The New Normal - Preparing Your Facility and Guests for a Safe Return

Take these important steps to protect, maintain, and repair your seating while your venue is closed.

Prioritizing Health & Safety For Building Owners & Facility Managers

Review this guide for implementing health and safety guidelines for both remote and on-site workers.

Cinemas/Movie Theaters: Safe Reopen Survey Data Brief

See how cinema operators are approaching their reopening processes and what they expect in the coming months.

Performing Arts Centers: Safe Reopen Survey Data Brief

Read how performing arts center operates view the upcoming challenges of reopening and when they expect to open again.

Helpful Links for Venue Managers

Irwin Seating e Book Readyto Reopen Carousel

Ready to Reopen: What Venues and Guests Have to Say

We talked to 87 public venue professionals to learn about their predictions, concerns, and plans for safely reopening. See how your colleagues are approaching the New Normal in our complimentary ebook.

International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM)

View the collection of resources from the IAVM and register for upcoming meetings as well as watch previous recorded meetings. Browse many online learning opportunities and learn about applying for the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) Accreditation Program on Cleaning, Disinfection, and Infectious Disease Prevention for Facilities.


The CinemaSafe program, commissioned by the National Association of Theatre Owners, is dedicated to helping cinemas and movie theaters implement safety protocols for reopening. Learn more about their COVID-19 guidelines and how to be a CinemaSafe venue.

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

See the comprehensive list of all cleaners approved to prevent the spread of COVID-19, along with the surfaces they are intended for.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

See the official safety and cleaning guidelines from the CDC as well as information about Mitigation Strategies for Communities.

Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) Cleaning Resources & Considerations

This whitepaper from ACT provides information and guidance on cleaning different kinds of materials as well as a helpful glossary of terms regarding cleaning and disinfecting textiles.

Our Fabric Partners

1300X450 World Outreach

If you’re unsure how to properly clean your specific seating upholstery, you can reach out to our fabric partners for more information.

Contact Us if you’re unsure which of our partners your fabric was ordered from, and we can locate your order information.