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creating a harder-working multi-use space

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Whether your venue is single- or multi-purpose, hosting guests is an incredibly complex undertaking. A lot is happening under a single roof. Of course, guests have no idea the work that goes into shifting your venue from one form of entertainment to the next. What they care about is getting a comfortable seat with a great view.

On the staff side of the equation, it’s important to have systems that make transitions from a concert to a basketball game to a rodeo—safe and efficient. After all, your venue is in constant flux.

What kind of experience are you looking to create? At Irwin, we seek to understand what makes your venue distinct in the eyes of your customers. We’re known for collaborating closely with design and building teams to develop seating that’s as comfortable as it is tailored to the experience. From the initial design sketches to installation, teamwork is the key to delivering the ultimate venue experience, on time and on budget.

Do you have an upcoming project? It won’t be long before fans return to their seats. When they do, Irwin has more than a century of experience designing solutions that go from the luxury suite to the main floor.

Reach out to our team today and let’s talk about your project.

Blog Post

safe reopen survey data brief

Ticket window

As the country pivots toward reopening, Irwin Seating asked its customers how they planned to approach the return to business.  Topics ranged from high-level hopes and concerns about their business to specific questions about cleaning and disinfecting and ensuring patron safety.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting your Fixed Seating Products

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Cleaning and disinfecting guidelines from the CDC, EPA and manufacturers for vinyl coated and woven fabrics, as well as hard surfaces used in fixed seating.

Blog Post 3

Telescopic Seating for Today's Multipurpose Venues

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When determining seating for an arena, there are several keys to creating the ideal guest experience and making changeovers safer and smoother for staff.

Case Studies

Recent Installations

Dickies Arena

Fort Worth, Texas

Flexing to the needs of today's multipurpose venues.

Dickies 5554
Fiserv Forum

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Experiencing excitement from every seat in the house.

Fiserv Forum 3779
Indiana University, Wilkinson Hall

Bloomington, Indiana

Flexible space for coaches, athletes and staff and an upgraded space for fans.

IU Wilkinson 4220

Product Options

Facilitating change-overs & patron experience


VersaDeck is a game changer for telescopic systems! This pro-level design feature creates an incredibly stable walking surface while providing quick-clamp attachment of accessories for improved ROI.

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Smart Rails

Smart Rails don’t require storage! No tools are needed, no hardware to locate and tighten and no lugging heavy rails around - just a simple lift and turn and the rails lock into place.

NEW Rear Mount Cupholder

New cupholder for Citation, Millennium and Marquee Fixed Seating.

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Technical Data

Dimensional Info

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Cut Sheets

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Chair Models

Popular Models for Multi-Purpose Arenas


Durable and attractive beam mount seating option for VersaTract telescopic units.

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Our most popular choice for general seating areas.

Little Caesars 5179

Luxury defined for suite spaces.

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Posted: April, 16, 2015

Revised: July, 21, 2020