Aisle Rails

Our Smart Rails take spectator safety to a whole new level by ensuring aisle rails are solidly in place and ready for use at all times. Smart Rails don't require storage! No tools needed, no hardware to locate and tighten, no lugging heavy rails to and from a storage room - just a simple lift and turn and the rails lock into place.

Tired of messing with removable rails? Existing Irwin Seating bleachers can be retrofitted with Smart Rails - contact your Irwin Seating Company representative for details.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ensures spectator safety as the rail is never removed
  • Eliminates excessive setup and take-down time
  • Eliminates removal and storage requirements
  • Two second operation to rotate and store
  • No tools required
  • Available with all seating options
  • In-line design, no staggering of rails
  • Code compliant design

Technical Requirements:

  • Available on 31” - 36” spacing
  • Available on 10” - 16” row rise
  • Minimum aisle width is 48” (Including end aisles)

Smart rails can be used for most projects, however, limitations do exist and removable aisle rails are required for some situations.


Available for the following models