Every facility is unique in design and appearance so we've designed our seating components in a modular fashion to put choice into your hands. Our most popular contemporary seating options are shown here, take them as they are or use them as a starting point in creating a chair perfect for your audiences.

PAC NoseMount

Blackbox Telescopic Platforms

Auditorium style backs and seats mounted to model 5000 telescopic platforms.

27 17 17 17 Allegro A Allegro

An attractive chair that features a gravity-lift seat with a wood bottom.

37 12 17 4 Andante Andante

Veneer surfaced back with block front aisle end panels and comfort-curved solid wood armrests.

37 21 14 4 Andante Andante

Veneer surfaced back with a fully upholstered seat and veneer surfaced aisle end panel.

6 21 60 4 Century Century

A fully upholstered back and seat with attractive wood accents.

17 12 17 4 Davies Davies

 Veneer surfaced back and aisle panels and the No. 12 seat with a matching bottom panel.

17 12 00 4 Davies Davies

A classic design with a vibrant flair.

52 12 66 4 Marquee A Marquee

Marquee comfort with an attractive wood back

53 12 10 4 Marquee Marquee

Fully upholstered back with coordinated seat and aisle panel

8 12 56 4 Meteor Meteor

Meteor chair features a veneer surfaced back and aisle panels with solid maple armrests

22 12 00 4 SaturnA Saturn

Saturn chair with a laminate surfaced back, open aisle standards and comfort curved polymer armrests.

51 12 66 4 Marquee cant3 Marquee

Marquee chair with a polymer back panel and cantilevered, veneer surfaced aisle end panel with a block front.

90 12 00 4 Citation EDU Citation

Citation chair with an open end Millennium

Millennium back with cantilevered aisle end standard.